A Good Thing

Tim Hoke on May 4, 2013 Comments (2653)

  Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”  My wife, Cheri, turns sixty today.  Thirty-six years ago, if you had told me I would be married to a sixty-year-old woman, I would have laughed out loud.  When first I spied her at church in an evening service, I thought I’d seen an angel (and no, I am not a charismatic).  Thirty-six years later, I know my first impression was correct.  She was (and is) an angel.  It has been my privilege to watch the Holy Spirit work in Cheri’s life...

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About Pal

Pal Hoke on February 14, 2013 Comments (583)

Well, someone in the Hoke household needs to be responsible!   I guess it falls to me.  My pets, Tim and Cheri, say they are way too busy to write a monthly report, but I think they are just lazy.  So this is my take on things here in Uganda. It’s been over four years now since Mom and Dad stuffed me in a box and loaded me with the luggage in the belly of a plane to go to Africa.  I thought I would never forgive them.  But, to be fair, I must say that life is good for me...

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Our Lord's Birth

Tim Hoke on December 24, 2012 Comments (1849)

Beloved in Christ, Cheri and I pray that yours will be a Christ-centered Christmas as we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior.  Meditating on Scripture provides the mind of God.  May the Lord cause his spiritual gifts to overflow in your lives as you consider Isaiah's prophecy of Messiah's advent some six-hundred years before God's Son took to himself our true humanity and dwelt among us. Because God is redeeming a people for himself, Tim & Cheri African Bible University Kampala, Uganda For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall...

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Once Upon a Time

Cheri Hoke on November 25, 2012 Comments (499)

  Once upon a time, in a land far, far away called Texas, my husband pastored Faith Presbyterian Church of San Antonio.  And it came to pass that while he was preaching one Sunday, he saw a family with 4 children sitting in a pew.  The oldest was a teenage boy who faithfully took notes on my husband's sermons.  This went on Sunday after Sunday and year after year.  Then the boy grew into a man, as boys are prone to do.  He went to Westminster Theological Seminary to learn to preach God's Word himself.  My husband wished him well...

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Face of the Future

Tim Hoke on October 25, 2012 Comments (1702)

“The world was created by God but is controlled by evil forces and ancestral spirits.” “God is the distant past and the distant future.  He doesn’t concern himself with the now.” “God is just a creator who then walked away.” “God is not a Father.  He is far away in heaven and has nothing to do with man’s problems, so man should have a god here on earth for his urgent needs.” “Children look at the world as a defiant place . . . they do not see a loving God or a merciful God, but only a difficult God.”...

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We Are at War

Cheri Hoke on October 25, 2012 Comments (1422)

Today my husband said, “We are at war.”    He was referring to the current state of the Church in East Africa and the urgent need for evangelism, discipleship, and the faithful, powerful preaching of God’s Word.  The longer we minister here in Uganda, the more we realize we have joined in a desperate spiritual battle.  The good news is that many African Christians are themselves rising up to lead in this battle.  Among those leading the charge is Conrad Mbewe of Zambia who writes, “We all know that the dark ages are upon us again here in Africa. It is...

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The Redeemed Witchdoctor

Cheri Hoke on August 16, 2012 Comments (630)

The Redeemed Witchdoctor How we wish you could have been here to listen to the poems our students wrote and read in Cheri’s class today!  They spoke with passion--even tears.  But since you could not join us, may we share just one with you?  The following poem was written by one of our students who formerly was a witchdoctor before coming to African Bible University to mine the treasures of God’s Truth.  Tim has trained him in Systematic Theology class, and Cheri has taught him in Literature and Creative Writing. The Redeemed Out of the dark craftiness and cunnings that...

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Out of Africa: Good to Ride the River With!

Tim Hoke on August 6, 2012 Comments (564)

It was thirty-five years ago today that the Lord gave me his 2nd greatest gift (Jesus being his 1st), for it was on this day in 1977 that I stood at the front of a chapel and watched my blushing bride walk down the aisle.  I can still remember this ethereal being floating up to meet me.  And then the thought flashed across my mind, “She’s really going to marry me!”  I felt like the luckiest guy in the world because, well, I was.  This West Texas beauty was about to say “I do” -- for as long as we...

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Plea for Prayer

Tim Hoke on May 19, 2012 Comments (492)

Dear Hearts, Most of our missionary missives aim at providing some insight into the ministry here at ABU.  We hope they are interesting and even fun to read.  This one, however, is all about our present prayer needs since so many of you partner with us by praying. As you may know, I have been in charge of the university this year during Dr. Robertson's sabbatical.  God has been exceedingly faithful, but in some measure it has been a marathon.  Now, somewhat tired and breathless, we want to cross the finish line and end well!  Please pray as Jesus taught...

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Happy Bath-Day!

Cheri Hoke on May 12, 2012

I knew I was in trouble when the announcement came:  “There will be a baptism today after Creative Writing class!”  I am the Creative Writing instructor at African Bible University, and it was my birthday.  It could only mean one thing; my mischievous students were plotting “only evil continually.”  In true African fashion, they were planning a water “baptism” in celebration of my big day! When I arrived in class, my fears were confirmed.  I was greeted with impish smiles.  When I informed them that I had already been baptized, thank you very much, they laughed out loud.  When I...

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The Short and Long of It

Tim Hoke on March 29, 2012 Comments (260)

Short-term missionaries can have long-term effects.  Have you ever considered being one?  Yes, you!  Do not press that delete button!  Please first allow me to share what three “short-term” missionaries did at African Bible University and in the city of Kampala, Uganda, just last week!We are forever grateful to Westminster Presbyterian Church in Bryan, Texas, for loaning us three of their finest men for a quick missions trip to Uganda.  Pastors Wade Coleman and Ben Hailey spoke a whopping 14 times in our campus chapel and twice at New City Church of Kampala.  We were drenched in the gospel!  Meanwhile,...

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On Turning Forty

Tim Hoke on March 12, 2012 Comments (366)

It's my 40th birthday!  Forty years ago I became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  I've been waiting two score to be able to say that!  In 1972, I was just beginning my first semester of graduate school when a fellow student confronted me with this startling question: "Tim, if you died tonight, do you know for certain that you'd go to heaven?"  "John," I answered, "No one knows that."  "I do!" he shot back with a warm smile.  That day was the turning point in my life.  No, I didn't trust in Jesus on the spot, but John...

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Jesus Christ Meets African Traditional Religion

Tim Hoke on December 1, 2011 Comments (401)

Like Cheri and me, most of our dear friends and supporters were privileged to be born in a land where our parents took us to church and taught us Bible stories from the time we were knee-high to a grasshopper.  Perhaps you, too, can still remember praying at meals, going to church, and being tucked in bed at night with a Bible story and prayer.  We grew up hearing the biblical Christmas message.  And, by God’s grace, somewhere along the way we understood the gospel and came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. In contrast, Cheri and I now...

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Going to China!

Tim Hoke on November 24, 2011

Life is full of surprises!  No one was more surprised than we were to find ourselves living in Africa, and now we are surprised to discover that we may even be a small part of the gospel going to China!  One of our freshmen students here at African Bible University is from China, and he recently shared his story with all of us.   It’s a wonderful “Thanks-giving”: “My hometown is in the center of China, near the desert. In my family I have a mother and one sister.  My father died when I was young, but my mother loves me...

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Orphans No Longer!

Tim Hoke on November 6, 2011 Comments (2007)

Charles, Wilson, Samson, Nicholas and George: common English names to be sure; but these are five uncommon fellows!  By birth they are Ugandans.  By experience they are orphans. Or were! Had the Lord not put his hand on them, these young men would likely be living on the streets of Uganda, begging and eating out of garbage cans, or worse--dead. But the sovereign Lord did put his hand on these young boys and snatched them from a hopeless and helpless orphan life.  You see, some years ago when they were very young, the Rafiki Village here in Uganda adopted these...

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To Teach Rightly

Tim Hoke on October 25, 2011 Comments (480)

Dear hearts, During the 2008 winter/spring semester Cheri and I went to African Bible University (ABU) for a one-semester pastoral sabbatical.  Never in a million years did we think we’d leave Faith Presbyterian Church where we’d been for almost 20 years!  But toward the end of that semester, two or three students came to me and said, “Please come back to ABU and teach us rightly so that we may go and teach others rightly.”  At that moment the Lord changed our life’s direction.  My lips uttered a polite “Thank you for asking,” but my heart was shouting, “Yes!”  By...

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Multi-Cultural Graduation

Tim Hoke on May 29, 2011 Comments (175)

One of the Scriptures that has captured my attention for many years is Revelation 5:9 which depicts the new song of heaven.  I am not only taken with the joy of knowing that we shall sing praises to our great God in heaven, but the substance of this song is most amazing.  John writes:  Worthy are you to take the scroll and to open its seals, for you were slain and by your blood you ransomed people for God from every tribe and tongue and people and nation, and you have made them a kingdom and priests to our God and they...

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Servant Leadership in Action!

Tim Hoke on December 6, 2010 Comments (828)

In January 2008, Cheri and I travelled 8,000 miles from home to teach for a semester at African Bible University (ABU) in Kampala, Uganda.  While there, the Lord gripped our hearts to serve him in Africa, hopefully for the remainder of our lives.  As I look back, I think the biggest hook for me was the opportunity to train servant leaders whom God would use to change a continent and the world for Christ.  Tonight, almost three years later, I witnessed such servant leadership in action.  Let me tell you the story. This past week the dining hall staff served...

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